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Dyslexia Career Coaching Tailored to You

Welcome to Jess Jarmo's Dyslexia Career Coaching, a dedicated space where we provide the professional growth of adults with dyslexia. Our coaching is designed to unlock your career potential, providing you with the tools and strategies to navigate the workplace confidently and successfully.

Dyslexia Career Coaching with Jess Jarmo

What is Dyslexia Career Coaching?

Dyslexia Career Coaching is a transformative service tailored for individuals with dyslexia, aiming to facilitate their professional journey. It involves one-on-one coaching that focuses on harnessing the unique strengths and talents of dyslexic adults. The coaching process addresses the specific challenges faced in the workplace, offering strategies for effective communication, organization, and job performance.


Jess Jarmo's expertise in this area ensures that clients receive the support they need to overcome obstacles, enhance their skills, and find fulfilling careers that align with their abilities and aspirations. It's about turning potential into success and redefining professional achievements.

Dyslexia Career Coaching tailored for individuals with dyslexia

At Jess Jarmo Autism Career Coaching, we empower individuals with Autism to…

career leverage

We pinpoint and amplify dyslexic individuals' unique abilities, aiding their career leverage.

challenges related to Dyslexia

Support is offered to handle workplace challenges related to Dyslexia.

empowering clients to tackle

Our Dyslexia coaching boosts self-assurance, empowering clients to tackle career hurdles.

verbal and written skills

We enhance verbal and written skills for professional expression

effective task management

Tailored strategies and tools are provided for effective task management.

Clients learn to self-advocate,

Clients learn to self-advocate, ensuring their needs are met at work

interests and talents.

Guidance is given to discover careers that match personal interests and talents.

growth and confidence

Individual milestones are celebrated, inspiring continued growth and confidence

How Does Our Neurodivergent Career Coaching Work to Guide You Towards Success?


Personalized Assessments:

We begin by conducting thorough assessments to understand your unique strengths, challenges, and career aspirations, tailoring our coaching approach to your specific needs.


Customized Strategies:

Based on the assessment findings, we develop personalized coaching strategies designed to help you overcome obstacles, enhance your skills, and achieve your professional goals.


Skill Development:

Through targeted coaching sessions, we focus on honing essential skills such as communication, time management, organization, and self-advocacy, empowering you to navigate the workplace with confidence.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Goal Setting and Accountability:

We work collaboratively to set realistic and achievable career goals, providing ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track and make tangible progress towards success.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support:

Our coaching doesn't end after achieving initial milestones; we offer continuous support and guidance as you navigate your career journey, ensuring that you have the tools and resources needed to sustain long-term success.

Success Stories from Jess Jarmo’s Dyslexia Career Coaching Clients

Dyslexia Career Coaching tailored for individuals with dyslexia
Michael DeProfio - sharing success story from Jess Jarmo’s Career Coaching
Rahul Jain - sharing success story from Jess Jarmo’s Career Coaching
Tom Pimm - sharing success story from Jess Jarmo’s Career Coaching
Olivia Bilodeau - sharing success story from Jess Jarmo’s Career Coaching

Services Offered

Icon 1-1 Career Coaching

Finding the Right Job:

Tailored to your unique needs, this coaching focuses on identifying careers that align with your strengths and interests. Ideal for dyslexia individuals seeking clarity and direction in their job search.

Icon 1-1 Career Coaching

Obtaining Job Sustainability:

Our coaching offers targeted strategies for dyslexia professionals to maintain and advance in their careers. We focus on workplace accommodations, executive functioning, and clear communication strategy's with manager & peers. Overcome job challenges and achieve sustainable success.

Icon Ask Me Anything

2 sessions per month

Join for $100/month and participate in two substantial Q&A sessions. An open forum to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from peers, enhancing your career journey. Schedule Now

Meet Jess Jarmo, an experienced neurodivergent career coach empowering individuals with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and autism

About Jess

With over 15 years in recruitment and as a seasoned neurodivergent career coach, meet Jess Jarmo, your advocate and ally in career development for neurodivergent professionals. Jess combines extensive professional knowledge with personal experiences of living and working with Dyslexia, Anxiety, and ADHD, offering a deeply empathetic and informed perspective. Understanding the unique challenges and intrinsic strengths of neurodiversity, Jess is devoted to empowering individuals with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and autism. Her mission is to support clients in realizing their career aspirations. As a neurodivergent career coach, Jess offers personalized coaching to navigate the job market effectively, leverage unique talents, and cultivate rewarding professional journeys.

Meet the Coach

Frequently Asked Question

Dyslexia Career Coaching is a specialized service that supports individuals with dyslexia in their professional development. It provides personalized strategies and tools to help them succeed in their careers.

A Dyslexia Career Coach helps you understand and utilize your unique strengths, develop essential skills, and navigate the job market effectively to find fulfilling employment.

Jess Jarmo offers one-on-one coaching, dyslexia-friendly strategies for workplace success, and assistance with job searching, interview preparation, and career advancement.

Yes, it focuses not only on securing a job but also on developing strategies for long-term success and satisfaction in your career.